Agile reward-based crowdfunding & pre-order app for launching products and projects on your Shopify store.
Made for lean creators, startups, and brands who aim to assess demand before initiating production or bulk orders.
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Fundlify Marketplace
+ Assess the demand of your products before committing to production or bulk orders.
+ Produce or order the right amount of the right product for the right customer.
+ Create draft pre-orders, and collect payments later.
+ Minimize or even eliminate refunds.
+ Amplify customers engagement and trust
+ Increase sales.
+ Three campaign types: Pre-orders, raise money, and flash sale.
+ Works for physical & digital products.
+ Avoid production waste, and enhance on-demand sustainable production.
Complete crowdfunding & pre-order solution.
No platform fees!
With Fundlify you can raise money, take pre-orders, run group-buying and flash sale campaigns. 
Own your campaign's data. Set your rules!
Fundlify enables you to define the what? how? who? where and when? for your campaigns, giving you full flexibility and control.
Beautifully designed collection theme templates
Choose from 7 beautifully designed campaign templates (Full-width and Boxed layouts)  
One place for all your campaigns and orders
See how well your campaigns perform, view backer's commits, and pre-orders.
Built-in post updates & customizable event notifications
Keep your customers and backers updated and engaged every step of the way!
Match your campaign with your brand image
Customize the look of your campaign; change the font, color, and position of your widget. and edit the widget's default text and messages.
I love this app. It has really helped me launch my new product. I have been able to generate $20K + in sales and it is just me posting about it on the internet. Without this app, I wouldn't have been able to generate this kind of revenue. I will be a long time user and will continue to use the app. It's great.
Momentum-Boards / United States
I'm using this app intensively and it's working great. Anas and his team are committed to the community. They are responsive to issues and that is what matters most. This app is extremely powerful once you learn the ins and outs.
EuroConnex / Canada
Fundlify is the most complete crowdfunding app currently on offer in the Shopify APP store. I have had nothing but positive feedback on the process from my supporters. If you need crowdfunding / pre-order functionality on your store, Fundlify is currently the best option.
Newrome Press / United States
We used and tested the fundlify app and it was amazing experience and very easy to use, Although the app goal is to raise money on your own shopify store but you can use it for reaching other goals like sell future products, sell stock in hand fast, check market appetites for a new product, preorder products and even deliver in store pickups and creating draft orders to pay in store. Installation is easy and great customer support.
RedooTattoo / Canada
Our business model is entirely based on crowdfunding and preorders.
Fundlify has everything that we need and much more. I cannot recommend this highly enough. It's amazing the possibilities that this app has opened for Us! Customer support is very quick!
Crowdlify / Germany
I installed this app and it was easy to use. Support was very responsive. And we're launching our first campaign which was easy to set up. High Five for this app!
Thewoofbox / United States
Our Story
In March 2017, I launched a crowdfunding campaign for a stylish leather backpack. Unfortunately, the campaign didn't reach its funding goal, which was quite disappointing. It was at that point that I realized that even if it had succeeded, the funds raised would only cover one production run, then what next? This forced me to rethink my entire approach.
I strongly believe in the potential of crowdfunding. It has the power to revolutionize the launch of innovative products. However, experiencing a failed campaign can be incredibly frustrating. It not only undermines the trust of potential customers but also strains relationships with suppliers and takes a toll on finances and emotions.
So, here's the key question: Why take such significant risks when there's a smarter way? Imagine being able to assess demand before collecting payments. Visualize having the foresight to evaluate market interest before diving into production or placing substantial purchase orders. This approach not only helps avoid setbacks but also reduces waste, especially for brands committed to sustainability.
That's precisely why Fundlify exists. It's a game-changing platform that eliminates the need for external crowdfunding platforms. With Fundlify, you can seamlessly integrate innovative crowdfunding and pre-orders functions right into your own Shopify store. It's time to play it smart.